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 New possibilites?

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New possibilites? Empty
PostSubject: New possibilites?   New possibilites? EmptyWed Dec 28, 2011 10:03 am

In the past few days, I have notived a steady decline in players. This needs to be fixed, or else, the server will die. To contribute on my part, I will make a shitload of videos. Per video we get about 3 or more people to join.

So, If players decide to help and advertise along with me.
They Will get a reward: Heres the possible rewards:

1 - Recruit 1 player: 30 free Chaos Points
2 - Recruit 3 players: 50 Ourg Bones. .:Great Prayer XP:.
3 - Recruit 5 players: 30 Frost Bones
4 - Recruit 10 players: 10 Crystal keys
5 - Recruit 15+ Players: 1 Ags, 50m, and 10 Crysal Keys.

How can you earn these and help me?

Please note that by recruiting Players it means that the players stay active.
This Will mostly Be done Via Youtube.com or Rs-ps.Org
You Can Also do this on rswebclients.com as well.
You can also Spam other Private servers or even RuneScape Itself.

All you need to do is ask the player what youtube account name got their attention,
or What Xat Chat Name got your attention, or if it was on another server, what account got their attention.

Later today, I will be adding us to Runelocus, Rune-server, Moparscape, and The Rsps TopList!
That will increase our popularity.
I also encourage you all to vote. Players like servers with big amounts of votes.
I really hope that you all can help me out on this little project of mine. I dont want the server to die!
Btw, a server name change will come soon.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you read all of this.
Kind Regards
- Chaotic king Cool
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Used Condom

Used Condom

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New possibilites? Empty
PostSubject: Re: New possibilites?   New possibilites? EmptyWed Dec 28, 2011 11:19 am

what if you recruited someone before this post ? can we stillget teh rewards ? =3
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PostSubject: ADVERTISE   New possibilites? EmptyThu Dec 29, 2011 9:21 pm

Chaotic and everyone else go to www.zionscape.com and spam the shit out of their server. I was doing it the other day and i got a couple few people to come check out the server. also www.silabgarza.com is also a server you can advertise on. Everyone ADVERTISE! I DONT WANT THIS SERVER TO DIE!!!!!!
Make Vids!
Go on youtube and find server vids and ADVERTISE ON THEIR COMMENTS!
This server reminds me of an old server called sepultrascape i was admin on and it died.
So everyone get advertising and do your part to help the server!!!!
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650 dud

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New possibilites? Empty
PostSubject: Re: New possibilites?   New possibilites? EmptyFri Dec 30, 2011 12:50 am

Yeah the players have been declining i havent been on ingame much because the only seeing 3 quarters of the webclient at once annoys me.

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New possibilites? Empty
PostSubject: Re: New possibilites?   New possibilites? Empty

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New possibilites?
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